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We are a White Label Reseller which constantly reviews the best online marketing tools and techniques available and offer the best of breed Effective and Affordable  tools and services to keep our customers on the leading edge of marketing and keeps their company  competitive in today’s market.

With 35 years of experience in the technology industry from engineer to VP of Operations I can improve your existing business operations:  Sales, Marketing, Service  Delivery, Product Development and Life Cycle Management, Engineering, R&D, Personnel Management Policies and Procedures, Competition Analysis and Market Trends as well as Online Marketing.

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Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

environmentally friendly promotional products

Tie your online messaging into Eco Friendly sustained promotions with

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products.

This is your source for environmentally friendly promotional products.

Have bamboo dreams on a plastic budget?  We have extensive resources in the traditional promotional products industry.  Let us help you find a product that your clients will appreciate and use for years and years.  Selecting an item with longevity is not only good for our planet, but for your marketing message as well.

We will create or update your company’s marketing program to allow you to reach more clients and increase your profits. We provide companies with:


* Promotional Products

* Business Printing

* Graphic Design


Call us for a catalog and more information.

(480) 948-1998

Learn How You Can Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

online marketing website, marketing with video,video marketing,scottsdale video marketing,arizona video marketing,phoenix video marketing,tempe video marketing,arizona marketing,scottsdale marketing,phoenix marketing,tempe marketingGet Your FREE  Video Consumer Report HERE !

Where You Will Discover:

  • 10 reasons every business needs to use video to survive and thrive in this economy
  • The 7 myths of video marketing
  • How to avoid 4 video production rip-offs
  • The 6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a video marketing company
  • 8 critical videos EVERY business should have

It is just not about having a video on your website, it is about creating a Loyal Audience of Raving Fans and Making you the Ultimate Subject Matter Expert.


For a LIMITED TIME Get a FREE Consultation (a $500 value) from the Top Marketeers of the Year* by following this LINK!  


Video SEO Marketingonline marketing website

Turn Key Solutions Start at $300 per month.  $6,995 one time set up cost and includes:

  • Custom Professional Video Made For You
  • Landing Page Made For You
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Bookmarking and Backlinks
  • Ongoing Monitoring
* according to Phoenix Business Journal 2012.


Website Design vs Structure

Website Design vs StructureWebsite Essentials

To  Stay Competitive In Today’s Market You Need To Be Marketing Online.  Most people think of this as having a Website, and that is partially true. There are other online marketing tools to consider like social media but for now let’s focus on Websites.

You website is online 7 by 24. It can be a greatest business asset, or your worst enemy.  There are seven critical considerations when building your site.

#1  What is the purpose of your site ?

Is it to generate product or services sales, educate people, rant at the world (blog), build relationships, gather email addresses, or build your brand.

Most businesses want to educate people on their company and offerings to help with generating sales leads. In the design of your website you can have separate pages and posts for different purposes.  Consider:

  • What specific action do you want visitors to take if any ?
  • What information can you provide to encourage them to act right now?

#2 Simple is actually better.

There are a lot of sites that use flash.  Flash refers to “Adobe Flash” which is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.  Too much flash can kill your page load times, and Flash does not run on all devices i.e. Apple iPhone so you need to consider who tour market is and whether flash is worth the trade off.

#3  Who is looking

Your audience maybe bigger then you think.  Your Bank, Creditors, Insurance Company, Competitors, and Vendors all have access to your site as well as your customers, prospects, family, and friends.  You need to focus on the most important group but consider what others will see.

#4  SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is NOT inherent to a website.  You website isn’t worth a penny if people can’t find it, to view it, and this is where SEO comes in. There are hundreds of web designers out there. Some even have degrees in design and they can make you a great looking site BUT they will probably call an exterminator is you told them the site needs to attract Search Engine Spiders.

Add to the design issues the fact the SEO is always changing.  Google makes dozens of changes to it’s search algorithms monthly, so keeping up is hard to do. There are some basics such as; links, meta tags, good original content, and site structure that are required to get found in an organic search.

Of course you can chuck all that and just pay Google up to $65 every time some one just clicks on your listing via Google Pay Per Click (PPC). Of course this doesn’t guarantee you a customer only a prospect.  If your conversion rates are low you could end up spending $60,000 a month just for PPC Advertising.

But the best thing to do is have a well structured site that helps the search engines crawl your site and index your content by making good use of text links, alt tags, and having a site map

#5 Too much of good thing is bad

We all know original useful content is king.  It is what the search engines and site visitors are looking for. But too much content can be overkill and confusing. Structure your sit so each page has one specific focus.  Too many pages will become confusing.

#6 Valuable Content

When we first start working with our customers they don’t want to give information away they use tactics like “call for a free consultation”, which is a killer to closing a sale.  We suggest offering Free resources, Helpful links, Articles of interest, relevant Video Clips and a web blog.

That said there are a few essentials for most business websites:  Product and/or Service Information; a page about the company; contact information; if you sell through your site you need to post your return policy; include FAQs and testimonials.  Contact info should be above the fold.

#7 Checkout

If you are selling products or services through our website you need to have a simple and flawless checkout process. Make sure the price is correct the product is well defined; the product branding is clear so they know they are still dealing with you.  Have testimonials, warranty and return policies clearly written make a customer feel at ease.  Amazon has this down to a science. Lastly you need to promote security features.

Get High Search Engine Rankings Using On-Page SEO

online marketing website, advertising on Mobile, marketing with video, company search, email marketing how to, video mail, what is social media, what is a business profile, video advertisement, mobile marketing, on line marketing PhoenixYou can make your SEO efforts much easier by simply optimizing your site with the right on-page factors. Keep reading to discover how to get your site on board with effective on-page optimization.

You need to be careful regarding outbound links on your site compared to incoming. There is no hard and fast rule about this, but just be sure you do not exceed more than a handful. You never want to ever be mistaken as a site that is solely for linking. All you really need to do is link to strong authority sites, and that means you will not have very many. You should never have more than one hundred, and we think you should never have more than a dozen or so. All of this about outgoing links is obviously to appease the search engines. Google and you share the same customer base, so it only makes sense to want to deliver a good product.

Keep the size of the pages on your website small; try to limit the size to 100K or less. Having a larger file size will cause problems initially as it will take time to load. The recommended size is usually 40K; in a way, the smaller your page is, the better response you will get, from both, the search engines and as well as your visitors. It’s always better to have smaller pages because they don’t take up much space, provide targeted information and are easier to get ranked. If you did not take this into consideration before, then it is a good idea to check your page sizes. Need a way to consolidate your debts?

The issue of hyphens in domain names is always debated, but you can find high ranking sites that do have them. There are a lot of ways to use a domain you want without resorting to hyphens. But again, limit these hyphens to one or two; anything more than that is not healthy.

SEO is tough enough when you do things right, so there is no reason to make life more difficult for yourself by ignoring on-page optimization. Utilizing smart and effective on and off page SEO will help to insulate you from changes when they occur. Look no further than this  debt consolidation and debt consolidation loan site.

Another too that can help you with onpage SEO is a WordPress plugin called Greg’s High Performance SEO.  Each article/post/page on your site needs a “UNIQUE” Title that uses your keywords, the keywords themselves, and a “UNIQUE” Description that also uses your key words and this plug helps you add these things so all your content doesn’t have to look the same.


Online Marketing Website

Online Marketing Phoenix Is A Marketing Business That Caters To The Small To Medium Business Owner. We Research And Test The Best Of Breed, Cost Effective Online Marketing Solutions For You!

Online Marketing Phoenix, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing PhoenixMobile Marketing

Solutions Start at $499

Nothing beats Mobile Marketing for Time To Market other then Mobile Video Marketing. Emails are opened less then 10% of the time but video open rates are as high as 92%

  • Immediate, Trackable Results
  • Geo-Targeting (very personal)
  • Instant Delivery
  • Best In Class Time To Market

Online Marketing Phoenix, Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing

More then 800 million people use Facebook
More then 300 million people use Twitter
More then 135 million people use LinkedIn
Let us build and manage your Social Media Presence

Solutions Start at $795

  • Expand Your Online Presence
  • Daily Update Management
  • Manage Your Online Reputation
  • More Business Opportunities

Online Marketing Phoenix, Video Email, Video Email Phoenix

Video Email

$39.95 Per Month


  • Click, Record, Send …
  • Promote Your Brand
  • Send To Groups
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Lowest cost per unit of any tracking capability

Online Marketing Phoenix, Local Search Profiles


Local Search Profiles

Solutions Starting at $299


  • 100% done for you includes:
  • Free Nationwide Press Release Distribution ( a $300 value)
  • Listing in 15+ online Business Directories
  • Customer Page on
  • Indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and more

Online Marketing Phoenix, Guerrilla Websites

Guerrilla Websites

Most consumers use the web to research the prodcut or services they are going to purchase. Is your site converting prospects into customers?

Solutions Starting at $399


  • Based on HTML5 (the latest programming technology)
  • Top Quality Design
  • Easy Content Management that you control
  • Tutorials and support that allows you to control how your site changes over time.

For a free consultation and strategy session you can CLICK HERE ! 

For more information contact Online Marketing Phoenix

Online Marketing Phoenix

Online Marketing Phoenix

Using State-of-the-Art Automation Technology Online Marketing Phoenix can Drive More Customer To Your Business.  We deploy Guerrilla Marketing Strategics combines with cutting edge online marketing techniques to help your business get more from your exiting customers, get new customers, and get more referrals from your existing customers.

It’s not enough to just have a Website.  Most businesses do have a website.

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